1 04, 2022

Chief General Manager – Sales for Automobile dealer in Ranchi, Jharkhand

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Job Opportunity for General Manager - Sales in 4 wheeler passenger vehicle Job Title: General Manager – Sale Experience Required: 10+ years Segment: 4-wheeler passenger vehicle Salary: Negotiable Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand Apply Brief Role and Responsibilities We are looking for a ...

1 04, 2022

Job Opportunity for City Manager-Marketing for one of the daily micro-delivery services in Chennai

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Job Opportunity for City Manager - Marketing for one of the daily micro-delivery services in Chennai Job Title:City Manager - Marketing Qualification: Graduation (Master's/MBA in Marketing or General Management Preferred) Experience Required: 7 to 9 years (4+ years in managerial role Handling Sales/Business development Process) Salary: Negotiable ...

9 02, 2022
  • Job Seekers

Job seekers: Tips on getting noticed by Recruiters.

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With the world presently functioning on a virtual mode getting a dream job can prove to be extremely overwhelming and stressful. From the way recruiters select the best-suited candidate to the way organizations hire - everything has undergone a tremendous change. A strong LinkedIn ...

29 01, 2022

Business leaders & HR to play a pivotal role in creating impersonal connections in 2022

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Ever since the pandemic hit, the way organisations operate has drastically changed. These critical times have also allowed both large and small businesses to reevaluate their priorities. Apart from the top management of any entity, the Human Resource (HR) department too will have a ...

25 02, 2021
  • Control High Employee Attrition

Control High Employee Attrition – Find out how?

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Employees are the most critical assets for any organization. Finding the right talent is difficult, and retaining them is an even bigger challenge. Reducing employee attrition has become the primary concern of many organizations. Refer to our blog to find why employees leave the ...

28 01, 2021
  • Background Verification IleadHR

Is Background Verification Important Today More Than Ever?

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With the outbreak of COVID-19, employees today are inducted remotely and even deliver work in a completely remote and distributed work environment. It has enabled the organizations to be flexible and scale up rapidly but has significantly increased recruitment fraud avenues. As a result, ...

18 01, 2021
  • Body Language- IleadHR

Body Language: Heart of Good Communication

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Communication refers to the process of sending and receiving information through a medium. According to Wikipedia, “Communication is the act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs, symbols, and semiotic rules.” But, it is often misunderstood ...

28 12, 2020
  • To Conduct a Job Interview

Prepare Well!! To Conduct a Job Interview

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Often, we see interviewees scratching their heads and find ways to crack the job interview. Our article on preparing for a job interview and STAR Approach  guides the interviewees to prepare well for the job, but what about the interviewers? Conducting an interview is an ...