With the world presently functioning on a virtual mode getting a dream job can prove to be extremely overwhelming and stressful. From the way recruiters select the best-suited candidate to the way organizations hire – everything has undergone a tremendous change. A strong LinkedIn profile, presence on other job portals, networking on social media, enhancing skills, and connecting directly with recruiters are some of the key elements job seekers need to keep in mind during these challenging times.

For those either keen on switching jobs or starting fresh, the need of the hour is to discover new ways to stand out in the crowd. As in-person interviews have been replaced with Zoom calls and remote working systems mostly being the norm, the way of applying either directly to an organization or approaching a recruiter has also changed.

“As a recruiter, when we receive an open mandate from the client, we strive to understand the requirement and scout for suitable profiles from multiple sources – job boards, social media, and even personal relationships,” Tarun Kumar Bhagat, Founder-Director Wikata Consulting Services stated. Hiring from LinkedIn– which is usually for niche skills- has also become quite popular off late as compared to the other job portals where resumes are uploaded on a mass scale. Those looking for a senior position are not likely to float their CV on the regular sites and that is when they show their presence over LinkedIn.”

When hiring from LinkedIn, an applicant makes his first impression through his profile. Apart from looking at the job role in the current organization, a recruiter will also take into consideration the candidate’s presence and activities shared on the platform. Participation on topics related to his forte to mark a presence and asking previous managers and supervisors for a recommendation can be a bonus.

As everyone is home-bound, communicating with recruiters and consultants, joining relevant groups on WhatsApp and other platforms, sharing industry-related material can be vital to growing and expanding your network. It is also a great way for any candidate to show who they are and how they can add value to a business.

Citing an example Bhagat stated, "Let's say you have the contact details of five consultants whom you think will help you with a new job. They might be a casual acquaintance, or you may have built a friendly connection with them over time. Now it depends on the candidate to either communicate with them regularly which will ensure that they consider him when a suitable opportunity comes up or get in touch once every few months and ask for help. In most cases, recruiters receive numerous CVs to remember a particular candidate. Hence, communicating with a proactive approach becomes vital." But overdoing may have its repercussions.

A lot of resumes are also rejected owing to errors- spelling, grammatical mistakes, and typos. Double-checking for mistakes, doing a spell-check, and making modifications as per the job description with relevant words could highlight your CV on job portals. Content in the CV is also of utmost importance and copy-pasting happens to be a big no-no as seasoned recruiters can identify it in a matter of a few seconds. For job seekers as well as recruiters, identifying the right job board is also critical. LinkedIn and iimjobs top the list here followed by naukri, timesjobs, and monster.

As educational institutions continue to largely conduct online classes, students and budding professionals have lost on formative years of full-time education as well as interaction with peers, professors, and alumni. With no end in sight for the ongoing pandemic, freshers need to brace themselves for some harsh challenges. They would mostly have to rely upon on-campus placements and those who are unable to crack can upload their resumes on freshersworld. Connecting and communicating with the college alumni on WhatsApp and other media platforms might also be helpful.

On a concluding note, Bhagat further stated that there are numerous jobs in the market. "With so many start-ups coming up, the point is not to panic but have patience. Wait for the right opportunity to come your way and not take up any job just for the sake of it."

Enhancing and honing one's skills never harmed anyone. With a myriad of online professional courses available, it is always a good idea to brush on your skills and also learn something new which might give you an edge over others. A lot of people also upload their certificates on LinkedIn mostly because they want to be noticed by recruiters. Mentioning these certificate courses can also add a lot of value to your CV.

The pandemic is also a great time to improve upon yourself and become a better version today than what you were yesterday. If you are hesitant, seek assistance on how to make an impression on LinkedIn, through your CV, or even when preparing for a virtual interview in today's world. The team at ileadHR is always there to help you.

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