Job interviews are stressful for some while some handle it most appropriately and grab the offer. Wondering what makes the other person more suitable than you even though your profile may be more suitable for the role?

No, it is not your bad luck and the other person’s good luck or probably not your day story… You can make all days yours if you start working on it and follow a few simple tips that I share below…

Before the interview

  1. Gather information: Research about the company you have applied for. Try to find out its history, major milestones, recent achievements, and its long term plans. Try to find out how you will fit in the company and add value. Find details about the department, team, and role. You may refer to the Job Description, the company’s website, or the job ad for more details.
  2. Research about self: Spend time with yourself to think about your reputation at the current company or your institute/college. Also, with the increase in our presence on social media, it becomes important to check our online reputation as well now. You never know, your future employer might be looking at how your online reputation is… Are there any pictures, comments, blogs, tweets, associations, etc. present online that could harm your professional image?
  3. Practice the common interview questions but do not memorize: Try to decide on your answers for the common interview questions. If possible, write them down on a paper and read a few times, but do not memorize them as the answers should not sound to be rehearsed. See if someone who knows about the role can take a mock interview, it will help you to understand the areas you need to work upon. Refer to our blog on the STAR Approach for more details on how you can handle competency-based questions.
  4. Prepare your documents properly: Make sure that all of your documents including education, work experience, certifications – skills and training, etc., are kept properly in a folder. If possible, keep photocopies of each document.
  5. Visit the interview venue before the interview day: If you are not sure about the location of the company or the interview location, you may spend some time a day or two before to find its exact location beforehand. It will help you save time on the day of your interview. You may calculate the distance and the time it takes to reach and plan to leave for the venue keeping some buffer time in hand.
  6. Plan what you are going to wear for the interview the night before: Make sure that your outfit is formal and not bright in color. Wear something you are comfortable in. Also, make sure that it is properly ironed.

On the day of the interview

  1. Dress to impress: Make sure that you are dressed properly, avoid wearing too many accessories, try to look simple, elegant, and professional.
  2. Reach the venue on time: Try to reach the venue before time, but not too early. It shows that you are punctual, responsible and that you value the time of others as well.
  3. Pay attention to your surroundings: Be attentive and make yourself comfortable with the surrounding. Keep a friendly and smiling face and pay attention to when your name is announced.

During the Interview

  1. Try to put a good First Impression: Knock before entering the interview room and make sure you wait for the interviewer to call you in. Greet the interviewers with a smile.
  2. Be aware of your Body Language during the interview: Present a confident and pleasing personality. Give a firm and confident handshake (only if offered first) and a smile. Sit confidently with your back straight and chin up, maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Avoid looking here and there – around the room, outside the window, your mobile, watch. It’s a NO-NO!!
  3. Be Honest: You can be caught… Always tell what is correct… Avoid making-up stories!! If you do not know anything, be honest to accept it. It’s always good to accept if you don’t know an answer rather than saying anything that comes to your mind or go mum (silent).
  4. Be prepared with your questions: Prepare a few questions that you may ask the interviewer at the end of the interview or when the interviewer asks you “Do you have any questions?” It gives the impression that you have done your homework well and are interested in the role.

The top mantra for preparing for a job interview would be to – Rehearse- Rehearse-Rehearse. Show passion for your work rather than just checking about the salary and other benefits. Yes, I understand that this is an important factor but your passion for work and your skills will fetch you a good salary.

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