We help you get the Right Human Resource

By understanding the business challenges, we define the priorities and focus areas in order to establish business solutions.

We help organisation to build work culture, system & processes to achieve high performance through their employees.

Our consulting assignments includes developing the Organisation Structure, formulating the Policies and Processes/ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) defining the Employee Engagement mModel, Developing the Performance Management System, Compensation Management, and Retention Strategies.

We also work with our clients to identify growth opportunities.

Services Offered

ileadHR provides Human Resources support for the entire gamut of the employee life cycle

Employee Engagement

Employee Management

Performance Management

Recruitment Management

Employee Engagement

  • We deliver strategic, tailored employee engagement solutions that help drive desired employee behaviors, strengthen organizational culture and deliver improved business results.
  • Our consulting and assessment programs enables the organizations to diagnose misalignments, helps leaders and managers understand where to take action, and provide tools and resources necessary to determine what actions to take.
Employee engagement solutions
Employee engagement solutions

Performance Management

  • We work with the management to seek inputs on the following areas –
  • Understand Organizational objectives or goals
  • Understand Job Description for each position
  • Understand Competencies required for each role
  • Approach on Performance Management to be followed – Management by Objective (MBO), Balanced Scorecard, etc.
  • Types and mode of reviews and frequency
  • Once we have an understanding on the above, we work on the model to be adopted and work with the management to roll it to either part of or the entire organization.
  • As Performance Management is a continuous process, we work regularly with the managers and their employees and train them on the entire process from time to time.

Recruitment Management

The way we work with our clients and candidates

  • We treat each candidate as we would like to be treated. We explore our candidates’ aspirations and treat them with the professionalism they expect.
  • We select candidates on an objective basis. The objective screening of individuals for a role is a vital part of the recruitment process. We use structured interview techniques to give an objective background to the selection process. If required, we also conduct Reference Checks.
  • We tell the candidate the way it is! For every role, there are qualities that will make a candidate succeed. When people decide to leave their current position, they need to be sure that they can succeed in their new job. We present the role and the client appropriately and honestly so that the candidate can make the right decision to join the company.
  • We follow up with both the client and the candidate during the entire process till the candidate joins. We also extend post joining follow-up to our clients and candidates through our 30, 60, 90/ 180 days engagement programs with new hires.
Employee engagement solutions

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